What is Mega Business Services Pte Ltd?

Enhancing your Competitive Advantage!

Mega Business Services Pte Ltd was founded on the premise that business owners require a service that supports them to grow their businesses in the most cost-effective and expeditious way while maintaining the highest level of personal confidence in the quality of the services offered.

Our clients are from all over the world ranging from individuals, small- medium enterprise to large Fortune 500 companies. It is our mission to provide superior service with maximum efficiency and productivity, helping businesses expand & survive within our highly-volatile economy.

We pride ourselves in speed of delivery, practicality, cost-effectiveness, and extensive practical experience to provide strategic advice to our clients to achieve quicker returns than ever before!

What you Can Expect...

Save Money!
Avoid the capital expenditures associated with creating, managing and maintaining an in-house call centre, Back-office administrative duties, Book-keeping services, among others(Think technology, human resources, overheads, etc.)

Focus on Your Core Competencies!
Free up valuable time for you and your key employees, making your business more stream-lined, efficient and profitable.

Enhance the Qualities of your Customer Service Efforts!
The strong process orientation & trainings we put our team through, translates into real benefits like reduced cycle times, improved customer satisfaction scores and better cost efficiencies.

We offer customer care with emphasis on relationships, speed, expertise, and cost control. We ensure that our customers will get exceptional interactive customer care and enjoy quality assistance.

We utilise a fully integrated service solution designed to meet the needs of businesses using the Internet to communicate with customers. For retailers, B2B marketplaces, companies selling services online, companies providing tier 1 tech support, or those simply communicating with customers online,
Mega Business Services
provides the customer care you need.

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